Company Profile

Waste, Water & Energy Private Company (WW & E Pr. Co.), is a company founded by expert consultants & operates in  activities including Services as following: Environmental Management, Energy Upgrade & Operational Restructuring (in conjunction with specialized  IT applications), in the public and in the private sector.

Company's services aim: to upgrade the operation & maintenance of key infrastructure sectors like Energy Systems, Water Resources Management (Water supply - Sewerage - Wastewater Treatment), Waste Management, in the public and in the private sector.

In order to serve its needs, constantly designs and develops dynamic tools regarding:

  • Recording infrastructure Sort data in electronic platforms,

  • Costing – Pricing mechanisms for Utilities,

  • Evaluation’s – and Restructuring’s  Procedures, supported by IT tools.

Company’s  main strategic objective, is to ensure the funding of the services provided by the savings achieved, following specific objectives (KPIs), that are specified by the operators, and are clearly stated in the elaborated management plans. Private sector’s participation is considered essential for the implementation of the above services, through the leverage resources (concessions, service contracts - outsourcing, etc).

These Services are concerning infrastructure’s maintenance and operation in areas such as:

  • Lighting of public spaces and Buildings,

  • Energy Balance in Water Supply and sewerage systems,

  • Water and Sewerage Networks’ Management,

  • Wastewater treatment Plants’ Operation,

  • Waste Management,

A dynamic network of partners has been developed by the Company at the regional level (Central Greece - Epirus - Central & West Macedonia - Crete & Aegean, Thessaly - Peloponnese - Western Greece and the Ionian, etc).

The Company is organized into three areas:

  1. Public and broader public sector,

  2. Municipalities and Regions,

  3. Enterprises active in Sectors of Energy, Water & Sewage and Waste Management,

 Which served as follows:

 Sustainable City:

  • Infrastructures’ Energy Upgrade (Energy Office - Lighting of common areas , buildings and  facilities),
  • Water Resources Management (Water Supply and Sewerage Networks, Telemetry - Pressure Management - Water Safety Plans, Wastewater Treatment Plants),
  • Waste Management (Local Management Plans – Tariff structure – Cost Models-Business and Operational Planning),
  • Services’ Reorganization (cost saving procedures through the achievement of predetermined targets - KPIs),


  • Inventory, Mapping, Classification & Electronic Platforms basic infrastructure,
  • Business Planning & Monitoring Applications - Recording Environmental Infrastructure using geographical systems,
  • Costing & Billing Tools for environmental management services, etc.       


  • Cooperation with Investors - Financial figures in order to leverage Public and Private Equity (funds), to finance investment in the thematic areas of company’s activities,
  • Organizations’ Business Planning Implementation, based on scorecard (KPIs

 In today company currently employs experts (senior consultants), and there are also collaborations with executives and companies across the spectrum of activity.

Waste, Water & Energy ESCO Company (WW&E Pr. Co.) : Environmental Management, Energy Upgrade and Operational Restructuring (in conjunction with specialized IT applications), in the public and in the private sector.

Street Lights - CV EBRD_Ioannis Giannaros

Street Lights - CV EBRD_Theodoros Chaidakis

Electrolighting - Methodology Promotion Fund

Street Lights - Technical_EBRD (WW&E Pr. Co.)

Irrigation of the Copais plain

Irrigation Net Metering

Investigation of the possibility of Net Metering contracts between five (5) TOEVs in the Prefecture of Fthiotida