Who we are

We are the collective Voice, Expertise and Vision of our people. This story shapes the image of the organization we are today and the one that we plan to become in the future. We are our people.

The introduction of new technologies and innovation are considered as being the most challenging requirements nowadays that actually formulate a dynamic and interdependent relationship between the private and public sector. One of the main objectives is improving citizens’ service provision, promoting efficiency and rationalization of cost and benefit at a national central level. Succeeding upgrading the country’s basic infrastructure (energy – water resources – irrigation – waste water – waste management) via blending private and public funding is vital in reducing citizens’ cost for receiving such services and in receiving high quality services. It is crucial creating the grounds for efficiency in the public sector while using private sector tools such as the reorganization of services, the usage of new IoT technologies and the sound management of public owned assets. This should create a competitive advantage via achieving new places for work, improving the finances of the country and prosperity in general. Our philosophy is placed within this framework and it is actually achieved and promoted via our everyday course of the business.