Our story

WW&E today

WW&E today is a well-established and recognized organization and clients’ number one choice in sustainable cities’ solutions and infrastructure advisory. We keep adding expertise in our team on a year basis and we keep expanding our partnership network and experience while adapting in the challenges of tomorrow.

Our people have vision, insight, know-how and creativity, and these are reflected in our processes and harnessed through research and development.

We’ve learned and shown that sustainable thinking delivers real value for our clients, for the local authorities we work in and for our own business, regardless of the sector or the challenges. Our goal is to be the leading partner at a local and at a national level in advancing sustained economic, social and environmental well-being.

Planning for the Future

WW&E is constantly thinking of the future, analyses new regimes and legislation in the country and designs strategies for ensuring sustainability at a local and at a national level such as designing and building energy communities and promoting circular economy practices to adapt to climate change, reduction of the impact of plastics, water reuse, energy independence and others.

  • We enjoy networking and sharing our experience and insights to progressively help cities, communities and clients get ready for the future.
  • We plan infrastructure to cope with climate change.
  • We design independent energy efficient cities to reduce the socio – economic and environmental impact.

WW&E team produces material and shares its insights for designing sustainable projects in search of innovative solutions on what the future will bring.


Planning for the Future Leadership

Theodoros Haidakis – As Managing Director, holding over a 25 year experience, Theo has overall responsibility for WW&E’s service areas, providing technical, economic and environmental solutions to governments, international agencies, and private sector organizations. A key element of his role is to ensure a focus on continuous improvement in service offerings for our clients. Theo is leading on strategy and business planning and he is overseeing business operation. In particular, he directs and manages projects and staff in waste and water resources modelling and management, re-organization design and decision support modelling, implementation of new technologies and innovative solutions and more. In the past, he has been a strategic advisor to the central management of the Athens Water Supply & Sewerage Company S.A. and a General Director of the Water and Waste Water Treatment Municipal Authority of the island of Santorini. He provided a good understanding about the real issues and practical challenges associated with water management in a changing climate. Theo’s leadership positions have included significant operational, strategic and corporate elements, playing a central role in developing and implementing the business plans of organizations, as well as ensuring delivery of key objectives and targets.

Ioannis Giannaros – John has over 25 years’ experience in the environment sector with an emphasis in Energy Performance Contracts. As a General Director, John leads on WW&E’s financial services with an emphasis on sustainability. John has directed and managed a range of circular economy related projects, including researching circular economy sector opportunities; providing sustainable procurement support for public sector organizations; supporting businesses with the development of circular economy business models; reviewing asset sharing and re-use opportunities. John helped various decision-makers such as Ministries (Ministry of Environment as a General Director of the Constructions Research Institute of Greece), Research Institutes, Governmental Organizations (Head of Constructions Division of the Institute for Financial and Industrial Research of Greece) and others realize the benefits of resource efficiency and circular economy business models.


Corporate Responsibility

To achieve our purpose, we always work hard to do the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities, and by using our skills to build a more sustainable future. In this context, we see our corporate responsibility both as part of a continuous improvement to our business-as-usual, and of our responsibility to contribute back to the society.

Our focus is on:

  • Engagement
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Recycling

Quality Management

WW&E holds the following certifications: